bradford amps

A deco-styled EL84 18-watter melds Vox and Marshall sounds.

The only thing better than the sound of a classic tube amp moving air is the sound of two classic tube amps working together. Combine them in a single head and you’re really onto something. This is the neat trick behind the Bradford Sterling, a British-inspired, 18-watt, EL84-powered, two-headed monster from Nashville boutique builder Bradford Shoemaker.

Two Pounds Sterling
The Sterling’s independent dual channels are called Dartford and London in honor of their respective Vox and Marshall inspirations. Both channels produce crisp, driving, and heady tones. Using Shoemaker’s included A/B/Y switcher, you can drive each channel separately, or summon both simultaneously, blending voices associated with an AC-30 and a plexi into a single sonorous growl.

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