An excellent tribute to blackface Fenders in terms of tonality, Brunetti''s Singleman also features classy looks, roadworthy build quality, and a very reasonable price.

For many players, it’s difficult to resist the enthralling clean tones of a blackface Fender amp. There are many reasons why those classic amps have made generations of guitarists salivate—their rich warmth, sparkly highs, and springy response, for starters. Their sonic qualities have driven builders since before the dawn of the boutique amp age, all of them hoping to capture a sliver of what made those amps great.

But mimicry only goes so far, and Brunetti Amplification didn’t want their new class A, 6V6-powered Singleman combo to be a simple clone of a classic. Although the 16-watt 1x12 combo (a 35-watt, 6L6-powered version is also available) shows an obvious affinity for those tones, it really uses them as a foundation for its own voice, throwing in a couple of extra features to expand its sonic palate.

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