Famous punk guitar signature replica

Georgetown, Ontario (December 16, 2007) – Eastwood Guitars has an announced an 88 unit run of a Pete Shelley replica Starway guitar. Shelley, who is known for playing two thirds of a Starway with punk band the buzzcocks, collaborated with Eastwood on the signature replica.

Pete Shelley’s original Starway was smashed into two pieces during the buzzcocks’ early years. It happened in a fit of rage at a rehearsal in a church. The top part of the body -- the part with the guitar’s upper cutaway horn and the left strap button -- came off but the guitar but the instrument was still playable. Shelley went on to use the guitar live and on the famous Spiral Scratch record in 1977. Diehard buzzcocks fans will note that Shelley’s album credit did not list his instrument as "guitar," but rather "starway guitar."

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