caged system guitar

Photo by Scott Gruber on Unsplash

Learn how to map out the fretboard and be able to play in any key using a few basic open-position chord shapes.



• Learn how to convert all open-position chords to moveable shapes.
• Identify the location of the root in each shape.
• Discover how to connect all five CAGED shapes to map out the entire neck in any key, starting on any one of the five shapes.

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To get the most out of your guitar playing, you need to have a deep understanding of the fretboard. Wouldn't it be nice if the guitar was laid out in a logical fashion? Well, it is! Let me introduce you to the CAGED system and explain how it works as an organizing tool. Once you understand the CAGED system, I believe you'll be able to "crack the code" and see the fretboard's inherent logic.

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