catalinbread cloak

An über-simple reverb whose sounds are both addictively immersive and impressively diverse.

Gorgeous fidelity and near-infinite reverb “space” help convey emotions ranging from heavenly to nerve-wracking.

Trails mode renders 100-percent-wet sounds impractical unless used in a separate signal loop, as no signal is passed when the unit is bypassed. Hard-to-read knob labels.


Catalinbread Cloak


Around the time the aughts slid into the 20-teens, pedals like the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral and Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator put spacious-sounding pedal reverb top of mind for guitarists everywhere. The Strymon, in particular, got players excited about the studio-quality fidelity its turbocharged SHARC processor provided, and its ability to add a “shimmer” mode, which augmented plate, spring, or room settings with reverberating octaves above the source signal.

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