contour body

The 392 takes cues from Detroit

Portland, OR (September 22, 2007) – Soloway Guitars is introducing The 392, the company’s first standardized model. For five years the boutique builder has cranked out dozens of high-end 27” scale length guitars without making two exactly alike. Settling on a model with features and advances from the company’s favorite guitars of the last few years, The 392 represents the look and sound that Jim Soloway is known for.

The 392 gets its name from its trio of Lindy Fralin P92''s. These hum-canceling P90-type pickups are clear, warm and dynamically responsive. They’ve proven to be extremely well-suited for the guitar’s Swan Contour body. Coupled with a 5-way selector, they provide a tremendous variety of usable sounds. Despite the look of a solid body, the Contour shares the same chambered construction and light weight as Soloway’s Swan Original and the No-Hole.

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