decca guitar

The Decca DMI 502's combination of screaming hot pickups and a super-thin top make this guitar a perfect candidate for your next feedback-heavy noise band.

Decca Records' short-lived experiment as a guitar company produced this hard-to-play feedback machine.

I'm getting old. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "We're all growing old!" But man, I've been feeling it lately thanks to technology and the speed at which it progresses. I was thinking about this the other day after a puzzling talk with my daughter. She was wondering why I had certain songs available on my phone and she didn't. I explained how some songs I'd bought online and some I ripped from CDs. "What do you mean ripped?" she asked. Like, pulling tunes from CDs and putting them onto a computer isn't ancient technology, right? But there I was, contemplating the simpler times of record stores with rows of vinyl and stacks of CDs. That's when I figured I was really getting old, because of my pining for those days and my general aggressive distaste for the new way of doing things.

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