Rig Rundown: Descendents' Stephen Egerton

One guitar (with no knobs), one amp, and one pedal is all this punk-rock papa needs to command the stage.

It's pretty astonishing that a sophomoric band of misfits and outcasts have chiseled a 40-plus-year legacy of punk rock, but that's what the improbable Descendents have been doing since 1977. Their brand of snotty, snarling, snarky, succinct songs have endeared them to rock titans like Dave Grohl.

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"The first player that made me really think about the possibilities behind the guitar was Jeff Beck," says Egerton. "A friend of my mother's who was a guitar player turned me on to Blow by Blow. From there I went on to John McLaughlin

and the Mahavishnu Orchestra."

Photo by Chris Kies

How the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck, stripped-down 6-strings, classical training, high-gain amps, and the rush of survival helped fuel the bands’ first album in 12 years.

When the Descendents came together in 1978, the Southern California quartet reveled in their youthfulness. The band spited their parents and glorified coffee and fast food in quick songs merging punk and thrash with pop hooks.

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