dog days vintage straps

The three new straps take inspiration from the psychedelic designs that were popular in the 1960s.

Santa Cruz, CA (April 12, 2017) -- Staying true to the company’s reputation for manufacturing luxury vintage-inspired straps, Dog Days has just released a new series of super psychedelic, ultra-soft William Morris-inspired velvet print guitar straps. These super comfortable 3" wide guitar straps feature high-pile velvet custom printed with William Morris inspired floral designs that were so popular on psychedelic clothing in the 1960s. The William Morris series has launched with three unique styles, “Ivy,” Faces,” and “Chrysanthemum,” built to last and also to turn heads, these straps will be sure to help you feel great while practicing and complete the vibe onstage at your next gig.

Dog Days delivers thick, bold and luxurious handmade guitar straps and ukulele straps at affordable prices. Each strap features thick, world-class designer fabric that wraps around the whole strap, metal hardware, thick die cut leather end-tabs and a strong polypropylene interior. Each strap also comes packaged with a custom Dunlop sharp guitar pick, a full color postcard and a headstock tie for acoustic guitars.

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