dudley taft

Seattle’s Dudley Taft cranks out blues-rock informed by everything from his hometown alt-rock heroes to ZZ Top, Stevie Wonder, and Tower of Power.

Photo by Vic Wright

Clad in a black leather cowboy hat and sporting a long, pointed beard, Dudley Taft peers out from behind his dark glasses, picks up his guitar, retrieves a pick from its headstock, and warms up his fingers while waiting for his amp’s tubes to do the same. Once the amp is ready, he blazes through runs up and down the neck before settling on a chord and strumming blues so Delta you can almost smell the swamp. It’s hard to believe such a soulful blues player cut his teeth on ’90s alt rock, but around the time grunge and alt-rock frontrunners were gaining momentum, Taft was playing with the popular Seattle band Sweet Water. And though his passion for the last few years has largely been in the blues realm, he credits his time in Sweet Water with helping him to hone his songwriting abilities.

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