Exotic Echorec tones and functionality at a more affordable price.

Super-rich and authentically complex Echorec tones. Super-effective swell function.

Less intuitive controls can be tough to use on the fly. Some materials could be sturdier.



I've had the good fortune to play many odd instruments, from hurdy gurdies to Buchla modular synthesizers to giant pipe organs. Only a few, however, were weirder contraptions than the Binson Echorec. The sounds of a Binson may be familiar—if only because it was Pink Floyd's echo of choice through the early to mid-'70s. But musically interacting with one, while observing and hearing the tickings, whirrings, and sometimes clankings of its electromechanical innards, feels like stepping into some parallel-universe, future/past from a pulp-science-fiction paperback. It's no coincidence that the band who wrote "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" made it a centerpiece of their creative process.

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