elliott smith

Rig Rundown: Fontaines D.C.'s Carlos O'Connell & Conor Curley

Carlos O’Connell deforms his guitar with an unusual ordering of shapeshifting stompboxes, while Conor Curley embraces jangling and kerranging melodies on his hollowbody howlers. Together, they combine for a charming, chaotic chemistry.

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The Saddest Martin Ever? A 1953 D-18 Owned by Kurt Cobain & Elliott Smith

Watch John Bohlinger summon the ghosts of two songwriting powerhouses as we learn about a special piece of acoustic history.

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Real Estate on Elliott Smith's "Condor Ave" | Hooked

Martin Courtney explains how the acclaimed indie songwriter's use of major-7th chords, "Beatles-y melodies," and fine-touch fingering subtleties laid out a storytelling blueprint.

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