flash lightnin

Photo by Rob Porter.

From humble beginnings in a dive bar to opening for ZZ Top, Darren Glover is ready to take his band across the Canadian border.

Darren Glover may be the luckiest guitarist currently stalking the dream of rock supremacy. Propelled by Glover’s cutthroat approach to blues-rock guitar, his band, Flash Lightnin’, was seemingly hand-delivered by the music industry from humble beginnings playing boogie-rock covers at a Toronto dive bar. The band has graduated to opening for major acts touring the Great White North, including ZZ Top, whose songs the group used to cover. Flash Lightnin’ has released a pair of albums, including the recent For the Sinners, which was written in the rarefied air of Rancho De La Luna, the Joshua Tree, California, recording studio that spawned some of the best rock albums of the past 20 years.

A consummate student of anything great bled from the combination of a ’burst and a Marshall, Glover has successfully melded vintage tradition and modern style. While the band has yet to break stateside, Glover may well be your next favorite player.

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