flex wave

A quiet, programmable EQ to expand your tone-shaping power.

Though guitarists rarely regard it as such, equalization is among the most potent effects. Consider how many guitarists chase some elusive fuzz tone, only to discover it was EQed within a inch of its life in the studio, transformed into some unrecognizable version of itself that even the most profligate vintage tone chaser can never own.

Yes, EQ is a powerful thing. It’s also nothing new. Pedalboard EQs have been fixtures for years—simple, surefire tools for coping with an unruly fuzz, guitar, or amp. But Flex Waves Flex EQ7 makes the case that pedalboard EQ can be much more interactive. Through the crafty use of presets and banks, it puts copious EQ flavors at your feet, letting you radically transform and expand your palette without adding scores of pedals.

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