Well-known for providing a unique learning tool with LED-lit fretboards, Fretlight''s latest models bundle even more software and tools for beginners while aiming to simultaneously provide a gig-worthy instrument.

Ace Frehley had a guitar that lit up on command, Rickenbacker had its Light Show 331, but the pairing of guitar and lights has rarely been a practical affair. The exception is the Optek Fretlight, which has been around in several incarnations since the mid 1980s. The Fretlight was never aimed for the guitarist looking to impress Lady Gaga at an audition (so don’t call your wardrobe coordinator just yet). Rather, the primary focus of the Fretlight has been the less glamorous world of music education.

The concept behind the Fretlight is simple—illuminate the fretboard to direct the player where and how to play. It seems simple, but part of the Fretlight’s success as a learning tool is attributable to the quality of its software, and Optek continuously focuses on software development. The Fretlight FG-421 reviewed includes some of the most up-to-date software (Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready, Fretlight Player, and Fretlight Lesson Player). It’s also an easy-playing guitar that makes the interactive instruction component of the instrument a lot more satisfying.

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