Stop Dave ... this fuzz may blow the whole freaking ship apart!

Expansive range of massive to fizzy fuzz tones. Killer studio tool. Top-notch build. Looks awesome.

Clipping options can make gain settings a maze.


Acorn TMA-1


I’ll admit it: The Kubrick fanatic in me made it impossible to ignore the HAL 9000-inspired Acorn TMA-1. But I would love the sound of this thing if it looked like an egg carton. Acorn calls the TMA-1 a four-stage transistor fuzz, which is generally shorthand for “Big Muff.” The circuit board looks the part. And certainly, the TMA-1’s biggest voice is as brutish as the nastiest Big Muff. But it’s also highly tunable. The tone knob ranges from doomy to garage-psych ’66 sizzly. There are plenty of growly sub-maximum gain settings to work with, and a ton of volume on tap, too.

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