gabriel marin

Photo by Scott Harris.

The freaky-fast guitarist for fusion band Consider the Source uses his classical training to create far-out sounds.

Consider the Source’s music is an eclectic mix of ’70s fusion, traditional Middle Eastern and Central Asian styles, prog weirdness, and metal intensity. Guitarist Gabriel Marin boasts insane chops, impeccable time, mastery of diverse traditional scales, rare fretless guitar fluency, and a gift for manipulating effects. He’s also a hardcore gear junkie who tours with three pedalboards, 17 pedals, two guitar synthesizers, two amps, and a well-worn Jim Kozel custom doubleneck.

New York native Marin started on piano and picked up guitar at 16. A year-and-a-half later he was playing Yngwie licks. He earned a bachelor’s degree in classic music from Hunter College, is a disciple of Indian master musician Debashish Bhattacharya, and studied with David Fiuczynski. “I saw a video of [Dave’s] band Kif,” Marin told Premier Guitar. “And I said, ‘That. I need to get with that guy.’” Marin also plays an assortment of traditional acoustic instruments including ba?lama saz, kamancheh, dombra, dutar, tanbour, ?àn b?u, etc.

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