gt 1000core

Boss packs heavy-duty DSP horsepower into a multi-effects processor built for busy pedalboards.


A mind-boggling selection of great-sounding effects and amp sims. Versatile connectivity. Well-engineered and -executed, user-friendly design. Solid value.

Amp simulations could be more realistic.


Boss GT-1000CORE


Ease of Use:


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Emerald Guitars Virtuo - PG Gear Spotlight

This multi-output instrument balances modern construction with the ability to create electro-acoustic and synth tones.

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Whether you're a music-maker or an instrument builder, we're all magicians in our own way.

Most of us don't believe in magic as a spiritual force that defines and controls our world. Although that was the dominant social paradigm centuries ago, science has pretty much relegated the idea of "true" magic to the realm of crackpot thinking. However, the idea of magic as trickery, slight-of-hand, and illusion is still alive and well, and some of the world's biggest acts are illusionists. Audiences watch masterful "magicians" with a sense of awe as they seemingly levitate, walk on water, or even make the Statue of Liberty disappear. Few of us believe that these amazing feats are wizardry from beyond our conscious world, yet we marvel at the ingenuity used to create these illusions.

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