The effects of a boost pedal are always most apparent through a nice clean rig. In this case, a ’68 Fender Bassman and a 4x12 loaded with V30 Celestions did the trick.

In a relative sense, boost pedals get no respect. They can be a little, well, underwhelming— an on/off switch, an LED indicator, and a single knob—not exactly centerfold material. Given that, it’s little wonder that few companies herald a boost as the flagship of their ingenuity. GtrWrks is an Oklahoma-based effects company that’s proudly an exception. They offer just two pedals—the bV Overdrive (pronounced Flat Five), and the 19 Sixty 3 Boost. And it takes just a few minutes with the Sixty 3 to see that the company’s focus comes with a huge practical payoff.

Simple Is as Simple Does
To call the 19 Sixty 3 Boost understated would be … an understatement. The housing is painted a gloss cream with simple black lettering. There’s a red-orange LED indicator mounted top center, and one knob to control the gain that smoothly sweeps from 7 to 5 o’clock, offering up to 15 dB of boost.

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