hello hi

Segall’s favorite Travis Bean guitar figured prominently into his latest album, “ Hello, Hi, ” as did a vintage Martin D-35 and a Neumann U67.

Photo by Denée Segall

Segall’s new album Hello, Hi” sounds just like Southern California. A heady mix of sun-drenched folk and exuberant psych-rock, it materialized at his home-based Harmonizer Studio—a brimming lab where vintage and custom outboard gear, 2" tape, a classic top-end microphone, and plenty of coffee helped fuel his giddy return to the acoustic guitar.

On a much-needed break from the first leg of his current tour with his road-tested Freedom Band, Ty Segall takes a seat in his mood-lit studio control room, mug of hot java in hand, and looks around with a visible expression of what can only be described as wonder. “You know, to have my own place to work on stuff is just pure joy,” he says. “I’m often like, ‘ How did this even happen?’ It’s a great place to hone my skills and to get weird ideas going, with no pressure. The clock’s not running. We’re not burning a budget here. You get to do whatever you want. It’s just totally insane.”

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