in search of sun

This eclectic British metal outfit’s blistering debut generates plenty of light and heat, thanks to contrasting guitarists Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer.

Darkness, light. Silence, deafening volume. Intuition, intellect. In art, the balance between such contrasts has to be just right. Too stark, and things clash. Not enough, and the work is bland. But when the contrasting forces complement one another as well as guitarists Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer of In Search of Sun, the creative outlook carries great potential.

Over the last three years, Kay, Ferrer, singer Adam Leader, bassist Faz Couri, and drummer Sean Gorman have worked relentlessly to forge a distinct musical identity. After releasing an EP under the name Driven, the band rechristened itself for the full-length debut The World Is Yours, ahard-rocking rollercoaster full of fluid leads, slamming riffs juxtaposed against plinking, cleanly compressed echoes, and a host of diverse tonal textures—often within a single song. Kay and Ferrer approach their playing and writing from very different mindsets, but their contrasting styles dovetail perfectly on ruthless power riffs, intricate high-speed patterns, and moments of austere beauty.

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