jeff beck tribute

Johnny A., posing here with a pair of his Fender signature Stratocasters, has paid tribute to Jeff Beck with a video performance of "Morning Dew.” Watch it below.

The instrumental guitar virtuoso pays tribute to the departed master with a new video, exclusive at PG, and his new Beck-Ola project, which hits the road in April.

More than a year after his death, the world of guitar is still reeling over the death of the legendary giant, Jeff Beck. The incessantly inventive maestro was a huge influence on many players, including the instrumental virtuoso Johnny A. “He had a huge impact on my playing,” A. says. “He was always a North Star for me—always improving, always pushing the envelope, age defying, genre defying … always a maverick, insisting on doing his own thing. He was a true guitar hero for his whole career, which spanned 60 years. I don't think there was anyone better in the realm of rock guitar.”

Now you can listen to A.—an big-toned, exploratory instrumentalist in his own right, with a string of acclaimed albums stretching back to his 1999 solo debut, Sometimes Tuesday Morning—pay tribute to Beck with a moving, inventive version of “Morning Dew,” from the Jeff Beck Group’s classic 1968 album, Truth.

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The maestro with his nearly omnipresent whammy bar, onstage at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor in 2015.

Photo by Ken Settle

Remembering the art and life of one of the world’s greatest and most innovative instrumentalists, who died on Tuesday, January 10, at age 78.

Legends are immortal, but not human beings. And so, Jeff Beck, an immortal of the electric guitar, died from bacterial meningitis on Tuesday in a hospital near his sprawling county estate, Riverhall, in Wadhurst, England, at age 78.

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