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Listen to Johnny A.’s Jeff Beck Tribute: “Morning Dew”

Johnny A guitarist

Johnny A., posing here with a pair of his Fender signature Stratocasters, has paid tribute to Jeff Beck with a video performance of "Morning Dew.” Watch it below.

The instrumental guitar virtuoso pays tribute to the departed master with a new video, exclusive at PG, and his new Beck-Ola project, which hits the road in April.

More than a year after his death, the world of guitar is still reeling over the death of the legendary giant, Jeff Beck. The incessantly inventive maestro was a huge influence on many players, including the instrumental virtuoso Johnny A. “He had a huge impact on my playing,” A. says. “He was always a North Star for me—always improving, always pushing the envelope, age defying, genre defying … always a maverick, insisting on doing his own thing. He was a true guitar hero for his whole career, which spanned 60 years. I don't think there was anyone better in the realm of rock guitar.”

Now you can listen to A.—an big-toned, exploratory instrumentalist in his own right, with a string of acclaimed albums stretching back to his 1999 solo debut, Sometimes Tuesday Morning—pay tribute to Beck with a moving, inventive version of “Morning Dew,” from the Jeff Beck Group’s classic 1968 album, Truth.

"Morning Dew" Johnny A .

A. beautifully navigates the song’s melody—solo—with just his Fender signature Strat, a Boss RC-600 loop station, and a Fractal Audio FM9 modeler. In April, he’ll take his brand new five-piece Beck-Ola project on the road for its first series of dates, playing songs from throughout Beck’s entire catalog. For information on those shows, click this link.

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