jersey girl homemade guitars

The Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars crew (left to right): Eiko Goto, Kaz Goto, and Akiko Oda.

Luthier Kaz Goto on the astonishing guitars, pedals, and straps crafted in his countryside shop in Hokkaido, Japan.

Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars is like something out of a Haruki Murakami novel—minus the supernatural freakiness and high odds someone will end up trapped in, dead in, or wandering to a new dimension through a deep, mysterious well that nobody seems to know about.

Allusions to classic American rock ’n’ roll? Check. Luthier Kaz Goto’s love of the classic Tom Waits tune inspired the name of this Hokkaido, Japan, outfit, while his affinity for Tom Petty inspired his first two guitar purchases as a kid—both Fender Telecasters.

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