jesse hughes

Jesse Hughes on Josh Homme: "I wouldn't be talking to you today if it wasn't for Josh allowing me to do my own thing under the Eagles of Death Metal name. No one else in their right mind would sign up to be a marquee duo with me and let me take all the glory. He's too kind of a man for this filthy business."

Photo by Chapman Baehler

On musical wizards vs. magicians, the deceptive art of creating a sonic spectacle, and the greasy grooves laid down with best friend Josh Homme on Zipper Down.

Plenty of bands have been thrown together solely to get girls. Others for fame and fortune. But Eagles of Death Metal formed as more of a joke or dare.

Granted, guitarist/vocalist Jesse Hughes did play guitar alongside his longtime best friend Josh Homme on the Queens of the Stone Age frontman's 1998 Desert Sessions compilation Volumes 3 & 4. But he confides, “I just did it to hang out with my friend and make music—I never had any intention, belief, delusion, vision, or pretense about becoming a rock 'n' roll musician." When the sessions were over, Hughes moved on with family life, working nine to five as a journalist, speechwriter, and even an ordained deacon. But then the bottom fell out.

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