kevin parker

Four blue-chip engineers—Dave Fridmann, Eric Bauer, Colin Marston, and Jarvis Taveniere—explain what you need to do to prepare your home recordings for prime-time mixing—and sonic glory.

Some time ago, home recording was a field largely occupied by ambitious amateurs who weren't quite ready for a pro studio and wild eccentrics whose limitless creativity knew no bounds. This made the rare home-recorded release a special treat, and albums by artists such as Brian Wilson, Daniel Johnston, and Guided By Voices gave us a glimpse into their raw creative processes. But as the ubiquity of laptop DAWs replaced 4-track machines and portable digital recording consoles as the de facto home setup, the field became democratized.

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Kevin Parker plays his No. 1 guitar, a '67 Rickenbacker 335, during Tame Impala's set at the 2015 Sasquatch Festival. Parker says older Rickenbackers have something new ones don't. "They just have this pristine crispness to them. They just sing to me, you know?

Photo by Debi Del Grande

The scion of psych discusses the imaginative guitar work and unorthodox soundscapes on his new album, Currents.

Amid the massive resurgence of psychedelia in recent years (though you could argue that it never really went away), no single artist has transcended the confines of the genre the way Australia's Tame Impala has. Perth's heir-apparent to the psych throne, Kevin Parker, effectively is Tame Impala. A well documented and self-professed control freak, Parker has single-handedly written, produced, and tracked the entirety of Tame Impala's recorded output, which now includes the band's anxiously awaited and critically lauded third full-length, Currents.

While Parker's dedication to solitary work may be off-putting to some, the young scion of psych is more focused on articulating the musical visions that exist in his mind than on the glory his labors yield. Despite assembling a monster team of musicians to bring his records to life on the road, the calculated, meticulous drive at the heart of Parker's endeavors can't be overridden, and has even pushed him to create the visuals for Tame Impala's performances.

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