laffing blue dog

The very effective and powerful ways that the Blue Dog''s clean-boost and overdrive circuits interact make it a virtual command center for gain staging.

A Blue Dog is a fiscally conservative Democratic member of Congress. It’s also the new overdrive pedal from Laffing Dog Musical Entertainment. But if you’ll indulge us in some metaphorical tomfoolery, the pedal and the politicians have more in common than just a name. The Blue Dog pedal leans conservative when it comes to sonics, delivering old-fashioned tube-y warmth rather than radical distortion. But it also offers a liberal amount of tone-shaping options, including a novel parallel signal path that includes an impressive, blend-ready clean boost for when you want to shout down your colleagues in the hall.

Indeed, the Blue Dog’s clean boost is the wild card in a pedal that might otherwise be another button-down candidate in a crowded field of tube-style overdrives. And it will make the Blue Dog a rig-transforming element for a lot of players.

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