levi chen

Harvesting Liquid Gardens

Many noteworthy feature guitarists are known for their ability to solo endlessly throughout an album, flooring you with their chops and musicality. They know what you want to hear and give it to you in the styles and even the keys you’ve come to expect. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

With his latest CD, Devoceon, Levi Chen again demonstrates that the guitar as a feature instrument can be so much more. This eighth release finds the well-traveled musician painting ethereal and melodic landscapes with a palette of influences and instruments that are as original as his ‘solo dueting’ technique that involves playing his Strat and a Chinese Gu Zheng harp at the same time. Implicit among fans of Chen’s work is the idea that music has the ability to take you somewhere. Naturally, some of us enjoy going to new places and experiencing new things more than others.

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