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Learn about the latest additions to Marshall''s MG Series


The All-New MG Range
Marshall’s MG series has long been a popular choice amongst beginning guitarists looking for their first amp, as well as experienced players in need of a steadfast practice amp or affordable gigging amp to consistently deliver that signature Marshall tone.

The current MG4 Series is the fourth iteration of this expansive analog line. It presents a completely re-engineered and re-energized MG Series with new and innovative features. MG4 provides a solid foundation of tone to any guitarist with all the programmable advantages of a digital amplifier, while maintaining a superior analog tone at its heart.

Up-to-date and affordable, the MG4 Series delivers versatility and convenience, while retaining the trademark Marshall sound. From Marshall’s first–ever battery powered portable amplifier, to full stacks, each MG4 model boasts the signature Marshall roar plus many features you’d expect from a Marshall. This diverse range provides players of every level access to the classic Marshall sound.

Each MG is equipped with a Gain, Volume, and Master Volume to deliver plenty of body and grind. Four programmable channels – Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2 – allow settings to be recalled with the touch of a button. On most models, digital Reverb and Delay are joined by studio-quality Chorus, Phaser and Flanger effects that lend a retro-vibe to the overall sound. For added convenience, the optional, programmable STOMPWARE™ foot pedal provides silent channel switching and access to the built-in tuner. STOMPWARE technology allows this sophisticated, multifunction pedal to be connected using a traditional guitar cable, which eliminates the need for special or hard-to-find cables.

For the project studio or for home recording, the emulated line output mimics Marshall’s speaker response, providing a great, authentic signal without any mic’ing – or annoying the neighbors! This same signal sounds great through headphones for private practice. With the MP3/Line in, jamming along to your favorite songs with the full-on Marshall sound is never a problem.

The MG Series covers nearly every configuration; battery-powered and backstage portables; convenient all-in-one combos; and either full stacks or the exciting new micro stack.

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The optional, programmable STOMPWARE™ foot pedal provides silent channel switching and access to the built-in tuner.
Your Marshall Tones Just Got Portable

The MG2FX is the newest entry to the MG4 Series. It’s a fully portable, 2 Watt powerhouse of Marshall tone! This battery powered amp features 10 customdesigned voices, 5 built-in studio quality digital FX, 2-band EQ section and a built-in tuner
The Marshall thrill lasts a lifetime, and it all begins with the new MG4 series! To see and hear more of this series, please visit the Theater section on for video demos.

Marshall has returned to a simple, tried-and-true panel layout for extreme ease of use. Gain, three-band EQ (two-band on the MG10), Volume and Master Volume are laid out for quick access. Push-button channel switching provides smooth transitions.