mesa boogie badlander 50

Light and heavy coexist in avery flexible 50-watt amp that defies Rectifier expectations.

Reliable Mesa build quality. A versatile bundle of clean, crunchy, and mean tones. Super-useful peripheral features.

Players seeking ultra-heavy Rectifier tones of old might want a pedal in front to get it there.

$1,999 street (head or rackmount) & $2199 street (1x12 combo)

Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Badlander 50


Mesa/Boogie is both fond of reinvention and adept at it. Late last year, the Mesa/Boogie folks reimagined the Rectifier series amps, which became near-ubiquitous in metal and grunge circles in the wake of their 1992 release. The beastly Badlander 100 was the first of these new Rectifiers to hit the streets. It's now joined by the more modestly powered Rectifier Badlander 50—which is available as a head (reviewed here), 1x12 combo, or rackmount head—and can be powered by a pair of Brit-flavored EL34s or more-American-voiced 6L6s.

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