mick ronson

Glam rock roared into existence in the 1970s along with its flamboyant and theatrical style, both in terms of music and fashion. Artists like David Bowie and T. Rex brought a brash sense of camp as well as a newfound freedom to explore androgyny—along with lots of make-up, glitter, and costumes. In the midst of all of this, Mick Ronson emerged as a guitarist seemingly made for the time, eager to push the boundaries of rock guitar with his brimming creativity. Drawing from a deep well of musical experiences—he studied classical piano and violin as a child—he was as adept at arranging strings as he was slinging his axe, and his singular guitar style would have outsized impact on the music of the time. So, put on some platform shoes and grab your guitar, as we explore some of Ronson’s finest moments.
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