If Mike Baggetta’s Music Was a Superhero, It Would Be Mr. Fantastic
Watt, Baggetta, and Hodges take a break during the recording of MSSV's Main Steam Stop Valve. Note the super-econo installation of the bridge pickup on Watt's bass. Photo by Devin O'Brien

Always stretching, reaching, changing, and absorbing, the jazz maverick talks to PG about creating Main Steam Stop Valve with accomplices Mike Watt and Stephen Hodges.

If Mike Baggetta's music was a superhero, it would be Mr. Fantastic—always stretching, reaching, changing, absorbing. As it is, Baggetta is part of a rubbery new generation of jazz guitar superheroes. They are thoroughly schooled—he has a bachelor's degree in music and a master's in jazz studies from Rutgers—in the genre's core elements, but apply a sprawling, futuristic vision to their work.

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