mistweaver effects

The Forestry is the company's take on a Dumble-style overdrive that aims to be extremely touch sensitive.

Singapore (July 31, 2018) -- Mistweaver Effects makes it’s debut with a fuzz and an overdrive pedal, The Serpent fuzz and Forestry overdrive. This marks the start of Mistweaver Effects' original line of innovative pedals designed for musicians who yearns for great tone, quality build and bewitching artwork.

The Serpent fuzz is inspired by the highly sought-after vintage Green Russian Big Muff Pi, but with a modern and more functional twist. For guitarists looking for that extra warm edge to their tone, or an angry doom tone, or anywhere in between, The Serpent will be an especially invaluable addition. Perfect for guitarists who play heavy downtuned riffs, The Serpent provides that throaty powerful saturation with lots of bottom end. Its bass frequency output is unrivalled, making it an essential pedal for bassists.

The Serpent retails for $140.


  • True Bypass switching system
  • Mids Contour toggle switch
  • Versatile fuzz machine – engulfing doom atmospheres on high gain settings to garage-y sounding fuzz on low-to-medium gain settings
  • Excels in the low end of the sound spectrum; ideal for bass guitar
  • Perfect for sludgy, downtuned riffs
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