moon bros

Fingerstyle guitarist Matt Schneider uses two acoustic guitars—a 1960s Harmony and a Martin D12-20, with a Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-Pre acoustic preamp, and no effects.
Photo by Dan Mohr

Fingerstyle guitarist Matthew Schneider’s longtime project appeals to a wider audience with These Stars, an album which showcases his acoustic virtuosity.

Musicians’ bios generally have more bubbling adjectives than a Harlequin romance, and they can be just as fantastical. As Frank Zappa famously noted, it’s hard to describe music in words. Yet the description that came with the Moon Bros. new album, These Stars, summed up the music and the man behind it in a single fitting word: idiosyncratic.

A veteran of Chicago’s jazz-rock underground, Matthew Schneider spent his early career in bands like the Exciting Trio, Toe, and HiM. Then he decided to retreat to his rural roots and refocus his attention on fingerstyle acoustic guitar, honing his formidable technique while exploring the textured and eclectic compositional approach that defines his evolving project known as Moon Bros.

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