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This month we have a plethora of new products that may go on your wish-list.

N-Tune Onboard Chromatic Tuner

The N-Tune Onboard Chromatic Tuner lets you tune your guitar with a touch of a knob. Once installed into an electric guitar – without permanent modification – N-Tune allows guitarists to pull their volume knob to silently tune up and push it back down to play, thanks to N-Tune’s true bypass design. N-Tune can be installed into almost any electric guitar or bass with passive pickups and is available as a single-coil kit (250k pots) or a humbucker kit (500k pots).

N-Tune Onboard Chromatic Tuner

ZT Lunchbox and Future Amps ZT Lunchbox and Future Amps

The Lunchbox (200 watts, 7”x8”x4”) and The Future Amp (200 watts, 13”x15”x8”) are the debut products from ZT Amplifiers, based out of Berkeley, California. Both amps feature controls for Volume, Gain and Reverb. The Lunchbox features an additional knob for Tone, while the Future has both Treble and Bass knobs. The Lunchbox includes a 6.5” speaker and the Future has a 12” speaker.

MSRP $249 (Lunchbox)
MSRP $449 (Future)

Ibanez BTB780PB Bass

The Ibanez BTB780PB is the newest addition to Ibanez’s “Boutique Bass Project” series of basses. The BTB780PB features custom Bartolini pickups along with a piezo pickup located in the individually isolated Mono-Rail bridge. The neck scale is an extra-long 35” and features neck-thru construction for improved sustain and upper-fret access. The limited production BTB780PB is finished in a charcoal brown.

MSRP $1199.99
Ibanez BTB780PB Bass

Reverend Roundhouse RT

Reverend Roundhouse RT

Reverend has introduced the Roundhouse RT guitar, the latest addition to their Set-Neck Series. The RT features two Reverend RevTron pickups loaded in a single- cutaway korina solidbody, block inlays, neck binding, Reverend Pin-Lock tuners and a Bass Contour control. The pickups are custom designed with a slightly hotter bridge pickup for balanced tone and volume. The RevTrons are wound about 5 percent hotter overall than the originals for more sustain and punch. The Roundhouse comes in a silver sparkle or black finish.

MSRP $849

Fender David Gilmour Stratocaster

Fender David Gilmour Stratocaster

The Fender David Gilmour “Black Strat” is a replication of the guitar used on some of the most definitive albums in rock music. Gilmour’s Strat features an alder body, black over three-color sunburst finish, a black pickguard, a one-piece, straight-grain maple neck, three Custom Shop single-coils and Gilmour’s customized electronics with a shortened vintage tremolo arm. The guitars come with a deluxe hardshell case, GHS DG Boomers strings and a 3-disc Live In Gdansk CD and DVD.

MSRP $3999.99 (NOS)
MSRP $4799.99 (Relic)

The AxeGlove

The AxeGlove

The AxeGlove is designed to protect your favorite guitars against belt buckles, guitar stands and guitar hangers by using washable two-piece neck and body double layer cotton flannel as a buffer. The AxeGlove comes in shapes for Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and SGs. It is designed to allow players to jam with the AxeGlove on their guitar, and also has a “pick pocket” to store extra picks.

MSRP $34.99

Tone2 Warmverb

The Tone2 has announced Warmverb, a new modular multi-effect plug-in with 33 effects, including Reverb small, Reverb large, Reverb ultra, Delay, Ping Pong, Ping Pong Filter, Chorus, Ensemble and Flanger. The Warmverb can be programmed to combine effect chains using up to four effects per multi-effect program. A separate feedback module uses the output of the four effect modules and routes the signal back into the input to create feedback effects. In addition, the Warmverb offers a “Randomize” button and 150 presets which are just a click away.

MSRP $79
Tone2 Warmverb

Korg BA-40 Bluegrass Tuner Korg BA-40 Bluegrass Tuner

Korg has expanded its line of tuners with a new model, the BA-40. The BA-40 is a tuner for bluegrass instruments with six tuning modes for banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, resophonic guitar and bass. It has a compact size, a large LED display and sharp/flat tuning, allowing users to tune with a capo attached.

MSRP $35

ENGL Steve Morse Signature 100

Steve Morse and ENGL’s latest collaboration has given birth to a new head. The E 656 Steve Morse Signature 100 has three channels, a 100-watt EL34 power amp section and the new ENGL Mid Control Matrix. Designed to give guitarists a better grasp on midrange controls, it also features MIDI control, an integrated noise gate, two effects loops and tube protection.

MSRP $3249.99
ENGL Steve Morse Signature 100