neck angle new technology custom guitar

Ansir Music''s instruments offer customization that allows for the angle of the neck to fit perfectly with your playing angle.

Cleveland, OH (December 15, 2009) -- Ansir Music Announces the release of its ANSIR (Angled Neck Stringed Instrument Resource) technology guitars and basses. Stringed instruments like the guitar are designed on the horizontal, so the player has to manipulate the instrument into a comfortable position by lifting up the neck or taking it out of its designed position to play it. Ansir's patented technology brings custom instruments to a new level with a patented design improvement that keeps the body of the instrument horizontal, while the neck is manufactured into the body at a predetermined angle using a measuring system to calculate your desired playing angle for your own truly customized guitar or bass.

All Ansir's instruments use high-quality hardware are hand carved from the finest exotic woods available--padouk, wenge, purple heart, pau ferro, koa, ebony, zebrawood and curly maple, just to name a few. These woods are combined with Ansir's “Low Bryd” passive electronics to produce some of the most sought-after and incredible tones available, for a truly enjoyable and uniquely customized playing experience. Ansir Music is now offering a constantly increasing line of instruments. You choose the ANSIR angle, the type of exotic tonewoods, contours and body carvings, the type of ANSIR electronics and hardware, and a custom case. Base price is $2500 before options, with the average price at around $3600.

For more information: or call 440-897-2037