orbit electronix

The sound was great for smoky, nourishing, bluesy jazz moves—adding a little mystery and attitude to hanging octaves and half-step slides.

Strictly left-brain engineers must be positively confounded by tape delay freaks. Even now, as DSP power makes possible the emulation of the analog irregularities these weirdos love (and I count myself among this tribe), the hardcore remain steadfastly unsatisfied. Their skepticism isn’t entirely unfounded, of course. Most players with a half-decent ear can hear and appreciate the warmth of a wellkept Echoplex compared alongside a digital simulation. But for those that believe that digital emulation represents the pinnacle of audio evolution, the lack of love must be a bit upsetting.

The Orbit Electronix Psychoplex isn’t a tape delay. And for that shortcoming alone, it may underwhelm Echoplex fanatics. But by using a 12AX7 to drive a circuit derived from the Echoplex EP-1 and embracing bucket brigade analog delay technology, the Psychoplex goes a long way toward imparting the sweet preamp-style signal coloration that makes Echoplexes— and the tube-driven EP-1 in particular—so sweet and unique sounding.

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