This month we find resources for compulsive traders, with four pick collecting and trading websites and a blog that recalls long-gone gear.

Picks of the Rich and Famous

Picks of the Rich and Famous This month, Chris Burgess takes a look at some recent advances in the plectrum. The entire office got in on the act, testing a slew of new picks, ranging from quirky to revolutionary to downright practical. Once we had picks on the brain, it was hard to stop. What else could we do but start Googling?

A sort of pick-obsessed society became apparent through a quick search of the web. We soon learned that a legion of guitar pick collectors worldwide have been showcasing and trading picks online for a while now. The result? Massive pick collections! Some collectors have nearly 1000 picks displayed on their websites, and online trading has enabled them to grow their collections in ways never before possible.

Most of these collectors don’t appear to be guitar players—or web designers, for that matter—but that doesn’t mean that the websites are useless to players. Ever wonder what kind of picks your favorite guitarist is using? Chances are there’s a picture of the pick, front and back, on one of these sites. And if you really want to take that extra step in snagging a specific guy’s tone, you can log onto one of the trading sites and procure one of the picks that he personally used.

One of the biggest pick-trading networks exists on PickNET, where collectors from around the world can post messages about anything pickrelated and list trade offerings. It uses a Yahoo!Groups message board, and anyone can join.

If you’re just looking to browse, there are plenty of sites for that as well. In fact, most sites we found serve as a simple bragging device for the collector. The flashy section titled “My Picks,” is usually followed by a flashy disclaimer that reads, “Sorry, not eligible for trade!”

And when we say flashy, it isn’t necessarily in a good way. Most of these sites look as though they were built in the early days of the internet, and aren’t updated frequently. Others have compatibility issues with newer browsers like Firefox. But it’s hard not to be impressed by someone who owns nearly 1000 picks, and takes the time to upload a picture of every single one. If you’re looking to get into pick collecting or copy one of the basic elements of your idols’ tone, these websites are worth a look.

Get your pick on at:

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