We've reviewed a ton of cool gear over the past 12 months, but these stood above the rest and won our coveted Premier Gear Award.

This year more than 40 guitars, basses, effects, and amps from a diverse group of gear makers earned the coveted Premier Gear Award from our discerning editors. Here is our gear of the year.

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Sweet and twisted spring-reverb sounds in a stomp.

Deep, unique, immersive spring reverb sounds. Many unusual textures. Scores of interesting effect blends. Great visual representations of pedal functionality. Accelerometer-based shock sensor enables reverb tank "crash" effects. External tails switch.

No decay control. Highly interactive controls can make it hard to find and return to specific sounds. Falls just short of a vintage reverb tank's sonic spaciousness.


Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal Reverb


Though I was a Beatlemaniac before I could walk, it was surf music that hooked me on electric guitar. My brother had an instrumental surf band, and through them I was awakened to the sounds of the Pyramids, Chantays, and Astronauts. I loved surf-music's imagery (as a 12-year-old culture contrarian, a fiesta red Fender Jaguar looked infinitely cooler than whatever guitar-playing friends were digging at the time). But it was the mysterioso tones of spring reverb that really re-shaped my sonic cravings.

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