The Royal 500 was produced for only a few years in the 1960s and built—for no apparent reason—in three similar configurations.

Some new components and a speaker might make an old Canadian tuber sound über.

Hello Jeff,

I have this early 1960s' Canadian-made tube amp. The amp says Regal on the front, with “Model No. 500" and “Made in Canada" on the control panel. I've been playing it a lot lately, and I really like it. The sound is very good—almost to the point of incredible. The amp has a 10" speaker. I want to know, would it be possible to put a bigger speaker in it? Or a speaker that is higher-wattage? The sound now can get a little fuzzy and a little farty at times. It's so close to sounding like a million-dollar amp, at least to me. I have no idea what wattage the speaker in it now is. If I try a different speaker, would I have to change any of the capacitors or resistors or anything like that?

I know it's hard to know anything without seeing or hearing the amp in person, but you have a lot of experience with old tube amps. I really have not much. I like playing bluesy rock—that early '70s-type Free, Cream, Led Zep sort of music. The Regal turned up all the way, either by itself or with a wah or a good vintage fuzz, has a good sound for that. But I just wonder if I was to put a higher-wattage speaker in it, would it get rid of all the unwanted sounds and make it into a great amp? I will send you a couple pics, so you can see what I am talking about. What is your past experience in dealing with these little 10" speaker tube amps? Have you been able to make them sound amazing or is it just better to keep it the way it is? Please give me any info you can.

Thank you,
Shad B

Hello Shad,

Thanks for the question and the pics of this interesting little amp. Small, low-power amps like this have been responsible for more great-sounding guitar tones than we'll ever probably know, so, having never had one of these Regal amps cross my bench, I was definitely curious and decided to do some research on your little Canadian.

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