This 50-watt head captures the best qualities of coveted non-master volume amps.

The Risen Legacy amplifier is a 50-watt salute to the high-wattage non-master volume tube amps of yesteryear. In their heyday, amps like the Marshall Super Lead were often the top choice for rock guitarists who needed stadium-filling power to overcome underpowered PA systems. With today’s efficient sound systems, such immense power may seem impractical—which is what makes the Legacy a genuinely special amp.

Those old non-master volume amps were more than just loud—they were unruly, even brutish, and their wide sound and organic feel are nearly impossible to replicate without such immense power. Instead of attempting to approximate those tones in a low-wattage package, Risen met the challenge by equipping the Legacy with the copious headroom and power needed to accurately produce those tones, along with separate preamp channels for American- and British-style tones.

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