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RJM announces their newest products for 2009

Vista, CA (January 27, 2009) -- RJM Music starts 2009 with the introduction of their newest mini series, effects and more.

The RJM Mini Series
RJM says this new series was designed with emphasis on its small size and versatility. The BOB-8 is a function switch breakout box, which connects to an Amp Gizmo, Mini Amp Gizmo or RG-16 and converts the 8-pin switching jack to eight individual 1/4" switching jacks. Each jack is relay-isolated, meaning each jack can be connected to a different amplifier or effect device without causing ground loops or other electrical problems. The Mini Line Mixer is a four input stereo line mixer ideal for creating parallel effects systems or any other task that requires line level signals to be mixed down. The Mini Line Mixer can be powered by any standard 9VDC adapter, but boosts the voltage internally to provide maximum headroom and audio quality. The Y-Not is a full-featured A/B/Y switch, allowing a musician to switch between two amps or between two inputs of a single amp. The Y-Not includes an audio buffer, a transformer isolated output and a phase inversion switch. The Y-Not can be controlled by its front panel switches, by any of the RJM Music MIDI switching products, or by a standard two-button amplifier footswitch. The Mini Series will be available in March 2009 with pricing as follows: 

The Mini Line Mixer and Y-Not
MSRP $209.00 
US street price $179.99
The BOB-8 
MSRP $159.99 
US street prices $129.99

The Effect Gizmo
The Effect Gizmo MIDI-based audio loop switcher is the newest switcher in the RJM lineup. 
With the Effect Gizmo, players can connect up to twelve pedals or effects processors and can control them all from any MIDI controller. Features include the acclaimed high-quality audio buffer circuit and a simple interface, among other features. The Effect Gizmo will be available in March 2009 with an MSRP of $639.99 and a US street price of $549.99. 

The Mini Amp Gizmo 
The Mini Amp Gizmo MIDI amplifier controller is a size and cost-reduced version of the Amp Gizmo product. Like the original Amp Gizmo, the Mini Amp Gizmo will interface any compatible amplifier to a MIDI foot controller, helping players simultaneously switch effects and amplifier channels with a simple tap of a MIDI controller button. The Mini Amp Gizmo will be available in March 2009 and will have an MSRP of $259.99 and a US street price of $199.99.

For more info, visit rjmmusic.com