silver hand pickups

A new line of humbuckers that use threaded magnets rather than a bar magnet.

Spokane, WA (June 28, 2018) -- Silver Hand Pickups introduce a new series of premium pickups they call the “Missing Link”. These pickups might look like ordinary humbuckers at first glance, but thanks to their innovative use of adjustable magnetic pole pieces, the “Missing Link” Humbucker lineup offers tones that range from crystal clear chime to aggressive mid range punch. With Silver Hand Pickup’s “Missing Link” series, you can have the punch and clarity of a single coil, with the warmth and hum cancelling properties of a humbucker.

Normal humbuckers use steel screws with a bar magnet hidden underneath the pickup, but the Missing Link's pole pieces are actually threaded magnets. This changes the note attack, overtones, and perhaps most notably, provides clarity and note definition atypical of standard humbuckers.

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