simon patrick

The diminutive Woodland Pro parlor generates a bottom end full of overtones, body, and dimension, with mind-blowing sustain.

Parlor guitars, and the family of 6-string instruments from which they evolved, are some of the oldest, most venerable flattops in history. These guitars date back as far as, well, when folks still used the word parlor, and in the last few decades, they’ve moved in and out of vogue, but the expressive and practical qualities of good parlor models are beyond question. They’re small enough to be perfect travel companions, they’re inconspicuous enough to stow in a corner or hang on the wall at the ready for an impromptu house (parlor?) jam, and they generate tones that can be tough to coax from any other type of 6-string.

Made in Canada, Simon & Patrick (along with its sister brands in the Godin family) have, in part, made guitars with unique voices, shapes, and feel their stock-in-trade. So a parlor seems a natural for the company. Even so, the entirely solid spruce-and-mahogany Woodland Pro is a fantastic and intriguing guitar by any measure.

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