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One of the new features is separate wet/dry outputs for rigs with multiple amps.

Sioux City, IA (February 6, 2018) -- Sioux Guitars today announced a new version of their best-selling Dakota County Delay pedal. Along with the current “blended out”, Sioux Guitars has added both a “wet out” and a “dry out” to this product. In our r&d and testing we’ve found no phasing issues with running various amps at the same time with two or all three outs being used.

Although consumers have loved the Dakota County delay all along, this addition of both a “wet out” and a “dry out” will allow guitarists to amp up the choices they have when using this pedal to mix effects and amps. This three-outlet pedal gives you analog echoes with the options of running a cleaner wet amp and a dirtier dry amp, or put a fuzz or flanger on the dry out. One huge option would be for a player, in a two piece band, to run the dry to and octave down and a bass amp while running the blended to a guitar amp.

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