Rig Rundown: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Rig Rundown: Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson

Ruban Nielson explains how custom collaborations with Baranik and Benson, along with a paunchy pedalboard with homemade clones, unlock a psychedelic playground in stereo.

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Now featuring a string-sensitive Gotoh Sitar bridge and precision-cut graphite nut, this meticulous reissue offers alnico pickups, searing mids, and classic Dano chime.

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Rez Abbasi has found freedom in changing his perspective on playing. It’s no longer about what he can bring to the music, but what the music can bring to him, he explains.

Photo by Scott Friedlander

As duo Naya Baaz, veteran guitarist Rez Abbasi and sitarist Josh Feinberg bridge the voices of Indian classical music and jazz on Charm.

For Manhattan-based jazz guitarist and composer Rez Abbasi, much of his output, starting with his first release as a bandleader in 1993, lives at the intersection of Indian classical music and post-bop (a synthesis of bebop, modal jazz, free jazz, and fusion). And while that eclectic mix of sound naturally lends itself to a transcendence of genre, Abbasi has remained connected to the various musical traditions he’s explored over the years. But his having that connection doesn’t necessarily mean he has “respect” for tradition.

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