skreddy pedals

Small Supro-inspired simplicity leads to growling, raunchy, bad-attitude drive tones and lead sounds with venom.

Dynamically responsive. Sounds a lot like a little amp made enormous when used with bigger amplifiers. Great build quality.

Some players won’t dig the midrange focus here.


Skreddy Skunk


Most of the pedals I play that are built by Skreddy’s Marc Ahlfs feel like the product of a lot of deep listening and diligent research. They always seem to go a layer deeper—more detail, more authentic, and just more moving when you plug in and play loud. That certainly goes for the new Skunk Drive Model 1606, a simple, straight-ahead stomp designed to add vintage small-Supro sounds and dynamics to a player’s crayon box. Skunk nails a sort of sound, feel, and responsiveness that strongly evokes Supros and other low-wattage classics. And it can transform the sound of a high-headroom amp while retaining a very organic sense of touch.

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