Straptight installs in mere seconds and removal is just a twist and a pull.

San Jose, California (February 12, 2016) -- When Straptight's founder Bill Lonero's guitar fell off the strap breaking the neck using a "leading" straplock, he thought "there must be a simpler way". He got together with his friend, Rob Stephani, and they spent the next year and countless prototypes developing the proper shape and materials. Straptight had to be strong yet flexible. Thin yet durable. Lightweight and affordable. Not a small task considering it would be responsible for holding people's prized possessions around their necks. Once they felt they had it where they wanted it, Bill contacted guitar legend and friend Joe Satriani. After demonstrating Straptight, Joe's remark was "Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?". Joe immediately became the first endorsee that day.

Other straplock systems require you to remove the manufacturer's OEM equipment using multiple tools and you risk stripping the strap post hole. Straptight installs in mere seconds and removal is just a twist and a pull. Straptight has been designed to have a thin profile of 40 thousandths of an inch. To put that into perspective, Straptight is thinner than a dime. With other straplocks, your strap is attached to that straplock. If that straplock fails, your strap comes off the guitar. So, in essence, it isn’t really locking your strap to anything other than itself. With Straptight straplocks your strap is attached to the strap post on your guitar like it should be. Think of it as a safety net.

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