string cheese incident

The Colorado sextet perfect their multi-genre approach with a new album produced by a Talking Head.

There are certain geographic regions that just drip with an undeniable musical identity. The sound of James Jamerson’s groove on the Detroit Motown sides, or the tight-but-loose country-rock stylings that blossomed out of Alabama’s Muscle Shoals have defined those regions as much as anything else. For nearly 20 years, The String Cheese Incident has created an incredibly intense, but powerfully distinctive sound surrounded by the picturesque Rocky Mountains. The Boulder-based collective chews up and spits out everything from EDM and dubstep to bluegrass and Americana with staggering authenticity.

That natural process of collecting, absorbing, and interpreting various influences has turned what began as a forward-thinking progressive acoustic quartet into a muscular and dynamic sextet that could easily go from Coltrane’s “Impressions” to Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” without blinking an eye. “If you listened to a tape of what we sounded like then and what we sound like now, there would be some head-scratching,” says frontman Bill Nershi.

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