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The new models feature an ebony fretboard, TUSQ nut, and string trees from Graphtech.

Boca Raton, FL (October 8, 2018) -- Strobel Guitars announces the new and improved Rambler Classic Professional Electric Travel Guitar! Now with an ebony fretboard, TUSQ Nut and string trees from Graphtech, recessed thumbwheels, chrome StringKeeper and StringCatcher. Hear the difference with brighter harmonics and superior sustain from the ebony fretboard. Experience smoother tuning with the Graphtech TUSQ nut and reduced friction String Tees. Enjoy the “Power of Portability” with a Rambler Electric Travel Guitar.

The easily detachable neck on the Strobel Rambler Electric Travel Guitar makes sure your guitar can go wherever you go. The Rambler is a high quality, “gigable” instrument easily disassembled for traveling. Remove the StringKeeper and tuck it between the middle tuners. Loosen four thumbwheels to remove the detachable neck. The body and neck are easily stowed in your computer bag, backpack or briefcase. Putting the Rambler back together is just as easy, no tools required!

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